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Parks & Trails

Parks Closure Notice Until Victoria Day 2024

You will find the Suzy Kernaghan Trail, named after the late Cramahe educator Suzy Kernaghan in the Village of Colborne.   

The walking path stretches from the Keeler Centre to Rotary Centennial Park.

Just down the road is a popular walking trailed called Proctor Park.  

For longer nature trails nearby, check out the Goodrich Loomis Conservation Area.

This conservation area offers something for everyone, with 12 km of hiking trails, groomed cross-country trails, picnic shelter, and the Goodrich-Loomis Conservation Centre, it is a perfect place for family gatherings, meetings, and other special events. Also offers one of Eastern Ontario's finest trout streams, and many rare plant and bird species. Open each day from sunrise to sunset.

Nestled in the scenic, rolling hills of Northumberland County, Goodrich-Loomis Conservation Area offers some of the most scenic natural beauty found in the area.  Climb up the Esker Trail and take in the scenic view. Try fly fishing on Cold Creek. Take the family on a short hike along the Junior Loop. 

Bring your camera and catch nature at its best on the Beaver Trail. Blaze the North View Trail with your mountain bike. Bushwack your way through the rustic Loop D'Loop. Or pack a picnic lunch and hike the entire 12 kilometres of trails. And when snow flies, thread your way through the property on cross-country ski trails.

For more information visit Lower Trent Conservation or call Lower Trent Conservation at (613) 394-4829.

Name a Municipal Asset in Memory 

Cramahe Township is committed to providing a fair, consistent and efficient process while respecting the important need for public consultation and legislative approvals with respect to naming, renaming or dedication of Municipal Assets such as streets, parks, and facilities, as well as the major elements of such municipal assets. On occasion, Cramahe Township Council may wish to acknowledge the activities and significant contributions of a person, persons or family, to the community through the naming of a municipal asset. Naming Policy  - Please click here for our policy and information for steps to be taken. 

Weeds and Invasive Plants

Noxious weeds are harmful to agricultural and horticultural operations.

Noxious weeds contain toxic compounds found in the sap of plant stems, leaves and flowers. These toxic compounds may become absorbed by your skin and energized when exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun on both sunny and cloudy days.

You can be exposed through inhalation (breathing), skin contact, eye contact or ingestion (swallowing).

Exposure to these compounds can cause serious rashes, burns or blisters to your skin. Contact with eyes may lead to temporary or permanent blindness. Your airway could swell closed from mucus membrane exposure.

When exposed to fire these plants can be an inhalation hazard as the smoke/fumes emitted can blister your airways and lungs.

Refer to the following links for more information: 

Invasive Plants 

Ontario's Weed Control Act 

Noxious weeds in Ontario

OFA Noxious Weed Control in Ontario

Gypsy Moths

For more information on Gypsy Moths, refer to the following document Information on Gypsy Moths