April 27, 2022

Wetland given to Cramahe Township

 CRAMAHE TOWNSHIP — A 5.5-acre wetland has generously been donated to Cramahe Township by property owner Mark Charlton of St. Catharine’s ON. The property is located at the northeast corner of Telephone and Ibbotson Roads.

Wetlands are central life support systems in the natural environment, providing services like water filtration, unique habitat, floodwater control and preservation of our all-important water table.

“When I bought the property in 2000, it was not a wetland,” Mr. Charlton says. With a then-pending employment relocation to Oshawa, he had plans to build a residence on the property. But his job remained based in St. Catharine’s so the building plans were nixed.

“The beavers moved in and created wetlands, so it is now a wetland,” Mr. Charlton says. It is now an environmentally important wetland and residential land use is not allowed, so Mr. Charlton proposed the municipality assume the property as an environmental asset.

“I’m sure there all kinds of waterfowl and I know deer and wild turkeys are on the property,” he says. “I’m very happy the township is thrilled to assume ownership,” Mr. Charlton says. “I’m thrilled you are thrilled.”

“Wetlands have the highest concentration of habitat biodiversity,” Cramahe Twp. Planner Victoria Heffernan notes.

“This wetland will be preserved, an important indication of how seriously Cramahe Township considers our natural ecological assets. We are very grateful and pleased to receive this generous legacy from Mark Charlton,” Cramahe Township Mayor Mandy Martin says.

For the “official” property turnover and photo op at the property Tuesday, April 26, 2022, the wetland was alive with returning spring migratory birds, the first wildflower blooms and rush of water draining to Lake Ontario. It is proposed the property by designated the Charlton Wetland.

Photo of staff and resident for land donation

A 5.5-acre wetland has been donated to Cramahe Township. Gathered at the Ibbotson Road property to mark the generous gift April 26, 2022 were, from left: Cramahe Township Planner Victoria Heffernan, Cramahe Mayor Mandy Martin, donor Mark Charlton of St. Catharine’s, Jeff Kish of St. Catharine’s and Cramahe CAO Mark MacDonald.


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Mandy Martin, Mayor, Cramahe Township