Application File Number:  L07-STA-05-21

Application for Road Closure filed under the provisions of By-law No. 09-71, to be heard by the Council of the Township of Cramahe.


Municipal Address: PIN 51155-0195, located off Union Road, between Broken Front and Concession 1.

Purpose of Application:

An application has been received under By-law No. 09-71 to close a road allowance within the Township of Cramahe.

TAKE NOTICE that an application under the above file number will be heard by the Committee of the Whole via Virtual meeting (ZOOM) Township of Cramahe on the date and at the time shown below:

DATE:          December 14, 2021

TIME:           6:00 p.m.


DIAL IN:       1 647 374 4685 OR 1 647 558 0588

Public Hearing:  You are entitled to attend this public hearing virtually, to express your views about the application, or you may be represented by counsel for that purpose.  If you wish to make written comments on these applications, they may be forwarded to the Clerk at the address shown below. If you do not attend the hearing it may proceed in your absence, and you will not be entitled to any further notice in the proceeding.

Notice Of Decision:  A copy of the decision of the Council will be sent to the applicant, and to each person who appeared in person or by counsel at the hearing and who has filed with the Clerk a written request for notice of the decision.

 Additional information regarding this application (including a copy of this notice) is available for public inspection in the municipal offices in Colborne during regular business hours.

 Dated at the Township of Cramahe this 15th, November 2021.

For more information, please contact:

Holly Grant  

Municipal Clerk

905-355-2821 Ext. 122