In efforts to implement the Hybrid Council meetings, pre-registration will be required must be submitted to the Clerk’s office no later than one (1) hour prior to the meeting. 

Pre-Register with the Clerk

Delegations to Council

Persons desiring to appear before Council or Committee are required to make arrangements with the Clerk's Department. The written request for a delegation must be received by the Clerk's Department by 4:30 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the Council or Committee meeting. The request must include the name, address, telephone number and reasons for the appearance. The delegation may speak for 10 minutes followed by a question period.

Debate between the delegation and Council is not permitted and generally, the delegations are received for information or Council may direct staff to provide additional information at a future meeting. 

A delegation shall be permitted to speak only once on the issue and shall not be placed on a future agenda to discuss the same matter within six months of the last appearance by the same delegation unless there is new information that Council should be made aware of.

When appearing before Council, individuals are asked to come to state their name and direct their questions and/or comments through the Chair. The appropriate way to address members is to preface their surname with “Mayor” or “Councillor”. Applause or other displays of public outburst are inappropriate.

To appear as a delegate, please fill out Request for Delegation Form.

Petitions & Communications

Every communication presented to Council should be legibly written or printed, signed by the author, include their address and must not contain any defamatory allegations, impertinent or improper matter. Delegations are requested, for the public record, to provide a copy of their speaking notes and any additional information they present which is not included in the agenda to the Clerk.