Strategic Plan 

This strategic plan was developed by the Township of Cramahe Council, following the 2018 municipal election, where Council and senior staff worked to develop a plan for the 2019-2022 Council term.

Strategic planning is an important step for the Township of Cramahe to set priorities, allocate scarce resources, measure success, guide the work of staff and communicate to citizens. It outlines the priorities of the Township of Cramahe and guides both short and long-term decisions. The strategic plan provides direction, so that the organization can focus on the most important initiatives and manage its resources to their greatest potential.

Strategic planning is a long-term ongoing process. It will take time and effort for the Council and staff to continue to develop the organization’s strategic plan, to ensure it is a living and working document and an essential road map for the organization.

 Colborne Water Pollution Control Plant - WWTP

Colborne Water Pollution Control Plant - Ministry of Environmental Conservation & Parks Inspection Report 

2020 Annual Report for the Cramahe Township Water Pollution Control Plant 

2021 Cramahe Waste Water Treatment Plant Annual Report 

2022 Cramahe Waste Water Treatment Plant Annual Report 

2023  Cramahe Waste Water Treatment Plant Annual Report



 Roads Needs Study

Road Needs Study - 2023

Roads Needs Study - 2017

 Colborne Industrial Park Sanitary Environmental Assessment

Colborne Industrial Park Sanitary EA (Environmental Assessment) 

 EA Assessment Breakdown

Pages 1 - 14

Page 15 - Figure 7 (Existing Colborne Sanitary Collection Network) Chart

Pages 16 - remainder of Appendix A

Appendix B - Archeological Report

Appendix C - Cramahe-Colborne Industrial Park - 2017 Capacity Assessment - Compiled Flow Information

Appendix D - Alignment Plans

Appendix D - SBS Hydraulic Design Sheet - 2017 Capacity Assessment - Assumed Average Flow Conditions

Option 1 - Existing Small Diameter Sanitary Sewer

Option 2 - Easement From Industrial Park Ave.

Option 3 - Sewage Pumping Station

Option 4 - Easement From Elgin Street

Appendix E   As-Built Plan & Profile Drawings & Preliminary Cost Estimates

Appendix F - Public Notifications

Public Information Centre Comment Sheets


Lower Trent Conservation's Annual Report

 Northumberland Fire Services Review
 Northumberland Fire Services Review - FINAL REPORT


 Colborne Wastewater Treatment Plant MCEA Addendum
This study is being undertaken to update the planning that was completed as part of the 2007 Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) process.  This Schedule C MCEA project was conducted to identify the preferred strategy to provide wastewater treatment capacity for population and employment growth in the Colborne area. 

The 2007 MCEA document is available upon request. 

The MCEA planning process (October 2000, as amended in 2007, 2011, and 2015) is an approved process under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act, which applies to municipal infrastructure projects, including roads, water and wastewater projects.  The MCEA provides a consistent, streamlined and easily understood process for planning and implementing infrastructure projects. 

As part of the MCEA process, if there is a lapse of time of greater than ten (10) years from the completion of the MCEA to the commencement of construction, the planning and design process and current environmental conditions are required to be reviewed to ensure that the proposed project and mitigation measures are still valid given the current planning context.  The Township is now undertaking this review to ensure that the recommendations for the expansion of the Colborne WWTP are still valid.

This MCEA Addendum project is currently in the early stages and additional information will be made available on this page as the project progresses.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, please contact one of the study contacts listed below:


Erin Longworth, M. Eng., P. Eng., PMP
Consultant Class EA Lead

CIMA Canada Inc.
Phone: 519-772-2299 ext. 6250



Tim Gilligan Admin & Compliance Coordinator

Cramahe Township ~ Public Works

Phone: 905-355-2821 x 126 

Notice of Commencement of Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) Addendum Process