Open Planning applications are found in the list below. Every effort is made to keep this list up to date. If you have specific questions about a file noted below or something you do not see here, please contact Planning & Development Department. 

Please note that only applications from the current year and active applications from previous years will be posted to the website. For all other applications, please contact Planning & Development Department.
 Source Water Protection 
 Additional Residential Units 

 Notice of Passing of ZBA No. 2020-52

 Zoning Bylaw 2020-52

 OPA No.16 Additional Residential Units

 Minor Variance Applications

Notice of Minor Variance - D13-VOS-02-20

Notice of Minor Variance - D13-VOS-03-20


Notice of Application - D13-BAU-01-20

Bautista - Map

Consent Applications

Notice of Public Meeting D10-FID-08-20 / D10-FID-09-20 / D10-FID-10-20

Notice of Public Meeting D10-BAR-11-20


Notice of Decision D10-FID-07-20

Notice of Decision D10-TRU-04-20

Notice of Decision D10-TRU-05-20

Notice of Decision D10-TRU-06-20

 Zoning By-Law Amendment Applications

Notice of a Complete Application and Notice of a Public Meeting Concerning a Zoning By-Law Amendment

Notice of Passing of ZBA D14-WIL-02-20

Notice of Passing of ZBA D14-SEC-15-19

 Notice of a Complete Application and Notice of a Public Meeting Concerning a Zoning By-Law Amendment D14-FID-04-20