General Planning Information

The Planning Department is responsible for all Development Review and Land Use Policy within the Township of Cramahe.

What is Planning?

Planning means the scientific, aesthetic, and orderly disposition of land, resources, facilities and services with a view to securing the physical, economic and social efficiency, health and well-being of urban and rural communities.


The municipal planning process is governed by a hierarchy of legislation, regulations, planning policies, guidelines, standards, and in some cases common law. This hierarchy includes the Planning Act, the Provincial Policy Statement (2014), the County of Northumberland Official Plan and the Cramahe Official Plan, among other legislative requirements.

 Thinking About Developing Your Property?
If you are thinking of severing a lot, changing a use (such as adding a commercial use), or changing a building on your property that does not conform to the zoning by-law, you will need to speak with the Manager of Planning and Development.

Development Review includes pre-consultation of potential planning applications. Those considering a planning application are encouraged to consult staff as early as possible should be aware that pre-consultation prior to submitting an application is required. Pre-consultation can save you time and money in the long run. Staff are able to assist you with your application to ensure you are well aware of the process, required information, and timing before you pay any required fees.

The following are examples of planning applications that the Township of Cramahe processes:

    • Zoning By-Law Amendment applications
    • Temporary use Zoning Amendment applications
    • Minor Variance applications
    • Cramahe Official Plan Amendment applications
    • Consent applications
    • Site Plan Approval applications
    • Draft Plan of Subdivision
 Who to Contact
For general planning information, severances, development proposals, or for assistance with planning applications, please contact the Municipal Planner. To set up a meeting with the Manager of Planning & Development, please email

For zoning and zoning compliance, building permits, and septic permits, please contact the Chief Building Official (CBO)

For specific contact information, visit the Contact Us page. 

Please Note: Planning applications require the signature of a Commissioner of Oaths. For more information please visit the Commissioner of Oaths page.

 Looking for Specific Planning Documents and Policies?
 Cramahe Planning Documents
  • Cramahe Official Plan
  • Zoning By-law
  • Current Applications and Public Notices
  • Planning Related Fees

Below, you will find links to Planning related documents and legislation from external agencies:

  • Northumberland Official Plan
  • Provincial Policy Statement (2005)
  • Planning Act, 1990

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing also offers some helpful information:

  • Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing - Land Use Planning Info
  • Official Plans
  • Land Severances
  • Zoning By-laws
  • Local Planning Appeal Support Centre - Interim Guide to Services and Eligibility
  • Do You Need Help With a Planning Matter?
  • Thinking About an Appeal?
  • Environmental and Land Tribunals
  • Interested in developing a secondary unit in your existing home? Check out this homeowners guide developed by the Province for further information. 


 Planning Applications & Notices
To view Applications and Notices.