The Planning Department is responsible for all Development Review and Land Use Policy within the Township of Cramahe. Planning is guided by the Planning Act, the Provincial Policy Statement, the County Official Plan and the Township's Official Plan and Zoning By-Law.

The Planning department's role is to:

  • Review/approve both long-range policy planning (Official Plan and Secondary Plans).
  • Review/approve current development proposals (Zoning By-Law, Plan of Subdivision, Site Plan Control, Minor Variance and Consent).
  • Review, develop and apply land use policies and land use By-Laws.
  • Provide planning advice to Council, residents and landowners.
  • Balance the interests of people, the environment and the local economy to create a great place to live.
  • Create policies that support effective land use strategies that increase quality of life for residents.

Land use in the Township is also regulated by A Place to Grow: Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe and a portion of the Township is regulated by the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan.


Planning Applications

For application fees, please refer to our Planning Fees Schedule. 

 Minor Variance
 Use our Minor Variance Application if you need minor relief from the zoning by-law requirements. It's applied when there is a need for a building to exceed height restrictions, or to be closer to a property line. 
 Consent (Severance) 

 Use our Consent Application to

  • Create a limited number of new lots (lot creation)
  • Add land to a neighboring lot (lot addition)
  • Create one or more rights-of-ways (easements)
 Zoning By-law Amendment (Rezoning)

 Use our Zoning Amendment Application to apply for site specific changes to your property's zoning. 

For more information please visit our Zoning Page. 

 Official Plan Amendment

Use our Official Plan Amendment Application to apply for changes to the Official Plan. To obtain an application, please Contact Us to schedule a pre-consultation meeting with our planning department. 

For more information visit our Official Plan Page. 

 Site Plan Control

 Site plans ensure that development proceeds as approved and to minimize impacts. It is a detailed plan of development that shows the location of buildings, services, driveways, walkways, parking, landscaping, etc., and how these relate to the surrounding uses. 


Contact Us to book an appointment to discuss the requirements or your Site Plan Application. These requirements apply to all multi-unit residential, institutional, industrial and commercial development, or as otherwise specified by the Site Plan Control By-law. 

Visit our Planning Applications and Public Notices page to view currently active applications. 


 Who to Contact
For general planning information, severances, development proposals, or for assistance with planning applications, please contact the Municipal Planner. To set up a meeting with the Manager of Planning & Development, please email 

For zoning and zoning compliance, building permits, and septic permits, please contact the Chief Building Official (CBO) 

For specific contact information, visit the Contact Us page. 

Please Note: Planning applications require the signature of a Commissioner of Oaths. For more information please visit the Commissioner of Oaths page.

 Other Planning Documents and Policies
 Below, you will find links to Planning related documents and legislation from external agencies:

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing also offers some helpful information: