The Our Cramahe Engagement Charter has been endorsed by Council! This document aligns with the launch of, as well as the Strategic Plan for 2019-2022 and is based on the International Association for Public Participation (IPA2) principles for public engagement.  

The Our Cramahe Engagement Charter acts as an agreement between and among The Township of Cramahe elected representatives and the residents of Cramahe regarding citizen engagement with their local government that establishes the commitments, responsibilities and fundamental concepts of this relationship. 

The Our Cramahe Engagement Charter is a Promise!

The Township of Cramahe is being proactive in our efforts to further increase public engagement by creating civic engagement experiences that better meet the needs of our community. 

 A healthy and vibrant community requires active and engaged community members,  We need to create further opportunities for discussion, problem solving and future planning to ensure planning to ensure Cramahe is ready for the future. 

This Charter aims to: Encourage participation in civic activities; Improve interaction and participation between residents, stakeholders, elected representatives, and Township Staff; and to create opportunities for making the Township of Cramahe and its residents more accessible and accountable to one another.