Mayor Mandy Martin

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Cramahe Township council looks forward to serving you.  Our elected representatives bring a wealth of abilities, experience and knowledge to the table.  Our municipal staff is dedicated to service and integrity.

Above all, here in Cramahe Township we work together, with enthusiasm and mutual respect, to do the best for our municipality.  We formally recognize the traditional keepers of this land, specifically our neighbours, the Alderville First Nation, with a formal territorial agreement.  Whether you are a "newbie" or a "lifer", you are an important and valued part of Cramahe Township. 

If you are visiting, we're always "at home" here.  We have a long history and tradition of being small but mighty.  We work together to make the impossible possible.  You have ideas, powerful contributions that strengthen our depth of knowledge, and approaches to how we want Cramahe Township to continue.  Discover Cramahe Township and all its attributes.  Come talk with us, tell us your interests and share your experiences.


We welcome you!


Mandy Martin

Mayor, Cramahe Township


Deputy Mayor Sandra Arthur

Deputy Mayor Sandra Arthur

I am very excited to serve as the Deputy Mayor and work a second term with a strong Council for this term 2018 – 2022.

I have been a resident within Cramahe Township for over 30 years.  My husband Ford and I along with our three boys Kyle, Matthew and Mitchell operate a cow/calf operation on both Telephone Road and Arthur Lane.  I am also employed as a Property Manager of the Northam Industrial Park in Cobourg for many years.

As I have stated during the election process I am here for the Township of Cramahe population being Families, Businesses, Seniors, Industries and our Youth. 

This term a decision was made to use a Councillor Coordinator for the various portfolios within our Municipality.  I am pleased to be assigned to INFRASTRUCTURE & PROTECTIVE SERVICES which includes Fire, Police, Emergency Management, Water & Sewer along with Facilities.  Will also be involved with Police Services Board, Community Policing Committee along with the Water Committee. 

As I have stated before my phone is always on, my door is always open and I look forward and will be very proud to serve as Deputy Mayor over this next term.

Deputy Mayor Sandra Arthur

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Councillor Donald Clark

Councillor Donald Clark

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Councillor Ed Van Egmond

Councillor Ed Van Egmond

I have been a resident of Cramahe Township, living on our family farm for all my life. My parents were immigrants from the Netherlands who came to Canada to start a new life. I am the eldest of four brothers and two sisters and the proud parent of Anjela, Myranda, Bianka, Jahnny and Arrielle. The accomplishments my children have made in each of their lives already gives me bragging rights for years to come. I am also grandpa to 13 amazing grandchildren - Ayva, Elias, Kayla, Anneke, Kaden, Hayley, Ellie, Hazel, Gabriel, Arie, Leelan, Elliot, Braeden.

I am a farmer and in today's world it is a tough life but that has taught me not to give in easily. This has been invaluable to me in this journey we call life.

I have been on Cramahe Council for the past 16 years and have gained a wealth of knowledge from those at the Council table with whom I was able to serve. Cramahe Council has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had and that is why I keep coming back to serve the people of Cramahe Township.

As a solid Council, we have much to do. Cramahe has so much potential to continue developing as a growing and thriving community. Many of the people in our Township have the willingness to work collectively to become the community that will be the envy of other towns and villages in Ontario.

I look forward to a proactive approach to issues facing our community to continue to make Cramahe a great place to live and do business


I am Ed Van Egmond.




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Councillor Timothy Gilligan

Councillor Timothy Gilligan

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