Welcome to the Finance Department

The Finance Department ensures accountability through budgeting, accounting and reporting on the municipal financial transactions. Emphasis on infrastructure and asset management has increased awareness of the costs attributed to maintenance, replacement and potential future expansion. A focus on expenditure reduction, changes in operational efficiencies and future grant opportunities are a priority for the municipality. Collection of property taxes and other revenue, along with accounts payables, accounts receivables and payroll are all functions of this department of the municipality. The Finance Department continues to be responsible for generating financial data to monitor organizational progress and accountability.


Paying your taxes during Covid-19

You can pay your municipal property taxes a number of ways:

  • Through most financial institutions or by using internet banking services.  Please allow 3 business days to process payment. 
  • For a Pre-Authorized Payment plan, (monthly or due date method), please contact the tax department for details. 
  • Payments by cheque (postdated cheques are accepted) can be made payable to "Township of Cramahe" Please write your roll number on all cheques, this number appears on the upper portion of your tax bill.  They can be mailed or dropped off into our drop box at the top of the stairs on the left hand side of the front door.
  • Pay your taxes by credit card

Payments received after the due date will result in additional interest fees of 1.25% per month.


Current year Installment Dates

  • February 25th, 2021
  • April 28th, 2021
  • June 28, 2021
  • September 28, 2021

Contact Information

1 Toronto Street, P.O. Box 357
Colborne, ON    K0K 1S0

Ph. (905) 355-2821
Fax. (905) 355-3430

Tracey Donaldson

Tax Collector

Ext. 231

Email Tracey

 Tanya Ogden

Accounts Payable & Finance Clerk/Receptionist/Cashier 

Ext. 224

Email Tanya 


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