You must submit your request to appear before Council by the completing the Request for Delegation Form before noon on the Wednesday preceding the Committee of the Whole or Council meeting you would like to appear at.

The request is to be directed to the Clerk at the Township Office and may be delivered in person or emailed. If you are placed on the agenda, you will be provided with a time to appear. If your request is received after the deadline or if there are already two deputations scheduled, your request will be placed on the next regular Council agenda.

Council meets generally on every 3rd Tuesday of the month, with some exceptions. If you are interested in appearing in person at a Committee of the Whole or Council meeting to present information or an opinion on a matter, you will need to fill out the Request for Delegation Form and submit that form back to the Clerk's Department at least 5 days prior to the Council meeting. You will need to ensure that your delegation does not exceed 10 (ten) minutes.