Advisory Committees and Local Boards

Council relies on advisory boards and committees to provide recommendations on issues within the Township, and draws on the expertise of citizen volunteer members. Council invites you to volunteer your time and experience to participate on such boards and committees dealing with issues ranging from heritage buildings to community facilities and local cultural events. To recognize, promote and strengthen the sense of community, diversity and multiculturalism, all residents are encouraged to get involved. Committees are appointed for a term concurrent with Council.  Therefore, soon after the Municipal Election, the Clerk's Department will advertise for appointments to boards and committees, including on the web page.  However, occasionally there are vacancies to be filled.  Therefore, we encourage interested persons to complete and submit an application throughout the year and you may be contacted if there should be a vacancy occur. Applicants are responsible to ensure that the Clerk's Office has received their application.  Council will appoint qualified applicants to vacancies based on the application as submitted. All applicants will be notified of the final determination by mail.

If you are interested in applying for a Board or Committee, please contact our office at  or 905-355-2821.

Who is Eligible?

Township of Cramahe property owners and/or residents, who are at least 18 years of age (unless it is a youth appointment) are eligible to apply.  For certain committees, there may be additional qualifications which are indicated in the application form.

Current Vacancies

Water and Waste Water Advisory Committee (2-3 Members)

Active Transportation Advisory Committee (2-3 Members)

Public Library Board (1 member)

To be appointed to any of the above Committee, please fill out the form, Application to sit on one of the Township of Cramahe Advisory Committees.

List of Boards and Committees

Business Area Steering Committee

This committee oversees and contributes to the content and development of the Business Principles for the Township of Cramahe. The Committee is the key body within the governance structure which is responsible for the business issues that are essential to the ensuring the delivery of special business projects.

Community Policing

The Community Policing Committee's objective is to educate and serve the citizens of the Township of Cramahe with crime prevention and safety programs. Also, acts in an advisory role with respect to community input to the Northumberland OPP and the Cramahe Police Services Board. 

Economic Development Advisory Committee

The Economic Development Advisory Committee is responsible for actions that guide the growth and development of Cramahe Township.  

Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee is mandated to advise and assist Council on all matters relating to buildings and areas of architectural and historical significance.

Please visit the Cramahe Heritage Website for more information on Cramahe Heritage homes. 

Land Division Advisory Committee

The Land Division Advisory Committee (LDAC) meets monthly to discuss and give recommendations to Council regarding severance applications and minor variances.

Library Board

The Library Board is responsible for the overall management and control of the library system including policy, budget and operations.

Municipal Cemetery Board

The Cemetery Board members are appointed by Council and are responsible for the administration, management, care, maintenance and improvement of the municipal cemeteries.

Police Services Board

The Police Services Board is a five member board consisting of (2) two Council Members, (1) one Community Representative and (2) two provincially appointed Representatives.  The Board meets as required and works with the Ontario Provincial Police in setting up policing priorities for the Township.

 Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee

The Parks and Recreation Committee will serve as a liaison between the Parks and Recreation Department and Council. The Committee will also make recommendations, if necessary, to Council regarding the  identified “Goals/Objectives” of the Parks and Recreation Committee.

Terms of Reference


 Fire Advisory Committee

The Fire Committee will serve as a liaison between the Fire Department and Council.  The Committee will make recommendations, if necessary, to Council regarding the Fire Department. 

Please review the Terms of Reference for this Committee. 

 Water & Wastewater Committee

The Township of Cramahe Water and Wastewater Committee will advise Council on matters related to the short- term and long-term planning of the Township of Cramahe water and wastewater infrastructure. With the goal of developing the building blocks to set up the Township of Cramahe for future growth and development opportunities.

Please review the Terms of Reference for this Committee. 

Application to sit on one of the Township of Cramahe Advisory Committees.

Active Transportation Committee 

The Township of Cramahe Transportation Committee will advise Council on matters related to safety within the municipal road network, cycling networks, pedestrian, and connectivity. The committee will also encourage, promote, and participate in the planning of active transportation policies, programs, and infrastructure.

Please review the Terms of Reference for this Committee.

Application to sit on one of the Township of Cramahe Advisory Committees.