The Township of Cramahe is committed to continuous improvement and open communication with the public in a method and by a process where comments; whether positive or negative are dealt with fairly, in a respectful manner, and are addressed as quickly as possible. The Township of Cramahe does not conduct proactive bylaw enforcement; rather it is driven through response to public complaints.

The Municipal By-law Enforcement Officer will investigate your complaint shortly after receiving your written complaint on our By-law Complaint Form. The By-law Officer is usually successful in obtaining voluntary compliance with Cramahe's Municipal By-Laws. There are always instances that require additional enforcement and when an individual does not voluntarily comply, there are formal legal requirements that must be followed and these can take time.

By-law Enforcement investigates and enforces regulatory municipal by-laws such as property standards, noise, parking and dogs. The By-Law Officer is also responsible for issuing licenses, such as refreshment vehicle, hawkers and pedlars, backyard hens and dog/kennel licencing. 

Illegal dumping should be reported to the Northumberland County Waste Management Department at 1-866-293-8379. Animal control in the Township of Cramahe is contracted to Municipal Animal Services. Please be advised that Municipal Animal Services are contracted to only pick up a dog when they are tied up by the complainant.

If you are concerned about a by-law enforcement issue, you can file a by-law complaint by Reporting a concern regarding  By-Law Enforcement or by visiting the Applications Licences and Permits

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