Building Department

Application Permit to Construct Signage in Cramahe Township
Application for Heritage Designated Building Permit

Building Permit – House and Addition Full Package

Building Permit – Alterations and Accessory Buildings Full Package 


** Please note that all permit applications for Houses, Garages and Additions require one set of 24X36 construction drawings in addition to an electronic copy. 

By-law Enforcement

Application for Hen Coop Permit

By-Law Complaint Form

Dog Tag License Application if you are unable to come into the office

Kennel License Application if you are unable to come into the office

Refreshment Vehicle Permit 

Clerk's Department

Application to sit on one of the Township of Cramahe Advisory Committees

Closed Meeting Information Request Form

Freedom of Information Request Form

Request for Delegation Form

Council Meeting Attendee Registration Form

Blanket Raffle – Application to Manage and Conduct

Blanket Raffle – Final Report

Break Open Tickets – Terms and Conditions

Break Open Tickets – Application

Break Open Tickets – Final Report

Raffle Licence – Terms and Conditions

Raffle Licence – Application

Raffle Licence – Final Report

Marriage Licence - Application

Marriage Licence - Form

Marriage Licence - Information

Fire Department

Burn Permits

Finance Department

Application for Municipal Grant 2021

Change of Address Form

Pre-authorized Payment Form

Pre-authorized Payment Plan Cancellation Form


Application for Private Road Gravel

Application for 911 Sign

Driveway Entrance Permit Application 

Special Event – Road Closure Form

Open Cut Permit

Planning Department

Consent Application (Severance, lot line adjustment, ROW, etc..)

Zoning By-law Amendment

Minor Variance

Zoning Inquiry Form

Application for Heritage Designation

Application for Site Plan Approval

Zoning Review Application - to be submitted prior to building permits.

Parks and Recreation

Castleton Town Hall Rental Agreement - With or Without Special Occasion Permit

Free Facility Request Form

Rotary Hall / Keeler Centre Arena Deck Rental Agreement