Building Department

Application Permit to Construct Signage in Cramahe Township
Application for Heritage Designated Building Permit

Building Permit – Full Package – House

Building Permit – Full Package – Small Projects, Renovations and Additions

By-law Enforcement

Application for Backyard Hens

By-law Complaint Form

Dog Tag Application – if you cannot make it into the office

Kennel Licence Application – If you cannot make it into the office

Refreshment Vehicle Permit

Hawkers Peddlers Application Form

Clerk's Department

Application to Appear as a Delegate

Application for Appointment to Boards and Committees

Blanket Raffle – Application to Manage and Conduct

Blanket Raffle – Final Report

Break Open Tickets – Terms and Conditions

Break Open Tickets – Application

Break Open Tickets – Final Report

Closed Meeting Information Request Form

Freedom of Information Request Form

Raffle Licence – Terms and Conditions

Raffle Licence – Application

Raffle Licence – Final Report

Marriage Licence

Finance Department

Application for a Municipal Grant

Change of Address Form

Pre-authorized Payment Form

Pre-authorized Payment Plan Cancellation Form



Application for Private Road Gravel

Application for 911 Sign

Driveway Entrance Permit Application

Special Event – Road Closure Form

Open Cut Permit

Planning Department

Consent Application (Severance)

Zoning By-law Amendment

Minor Variance

Zoning Inquiry Form

Application for Heritage Designation

Application for Site Plan Approval

Planning Fees - 2019

Parks and Recreation

Free Facility Request Form

Castleton Town Hall Rental – With Special Occasion Permit

Castleton Town Hall Rental – Without Special Occasion Permit

Keeler Centre Rental