About the FIR

The FIR is the main data collection tool used by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to collect financial and statistical information on Municipalities. The FIR is a standard document comprised of a number of Schedules which are updated each year to comply with current legislation and reporting requirements.

To complete the FIR, each municipality begins by downloading the FIR from this website. The municipality then enters information into the FIR, and once completed, submits the FIR electronically. Any questions or concerns a municipality may have while completing the FIR may be directed to: FIR.MAH@ontario.ca

The FIR is designed to include many automatic calculations, including formulas which carry-forward data from one schedule to another. To further assist municipalities with completing the FIR, a series of data verification checks are built into the FIR. These checks verify information as it is entered by the municipality, and ensure that accurate data is submitted. Also, before a municipality even begins completing the FIR, several data points from the previous year FIR are pre-loaded into the current FIR. This ensures that closing balances from the previous year match opening balances for the current year.


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