Utilities provide valuable services to both residents and businesses such as cable, gas and electricity. Most questions should be directed to the local utility company.


The Township of Cramahe has two electricity supply companies:


  1.  Lakefront Utilities Services Inc.(LUSI)
    • For information on rates, please visit LUSI’s website at www.lusi.on.ca
  2. Hydro One
    • Hydro One owns and maintains Ontario’s electricity transmission system and distribution system. Hydro one delivers electricity to both residential and business customers. 
    • For information on rates, please visit Hydro One’s website at www.hydroone.com



Union Gas Limited is the natural gas provider for the Township of Cramahe. Union Gas is a major supplier of natural gas storage to Ontario. This Canadian company has nearly 100 years of experience and serves 1.3 million residential, commercial and industrial customers. 

For information on rates, please visit their website at www.uniongas.com.

Water and Wastewater

As of August 1st, 2021, Aquatech Canadian Water Services is pleased to take over the Operations of the Colborne Water Supply and Distribution System. 

Aquatech Canadian Water Services Inc is happy to provide the Township of Cramahe with services related to it's water supply and distribution system which will include: 

  • Water Meter Reading
  • Water Billing
  • Hydrant Inspections

Aquatech is devoted to maintaining high levels of trust, dedication and responsibility by supplying high quality and safe drinking water to the Township of Cramahe. 

For those moving in, moving out or billing inquiries, visit the customer portal at https://cramahewateroperations.utilmate.com or contact their office at 6 Church Street West, Colborne ON K0K 1S0, PH. 1-866-932-4507, Email. water@aquatech-canadian.com 


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