Winter Maintenance Policy 

Winter Parking Notice 2023 

Traffic Control By-Law 07-31

Winter Maintenance Policy Updated 2023 

Municipal 511

For all local road closure and detour routes please visit link frequently.

Current Construction

2024 Projects

Double Lift-with Ditching

Dingman Rd. Sec 2 - Cowie to Penryn for 3.5km

Fiddick Road (Remaining) - Little Lake to new section for 2km

Penryn Road - Tobacco to Feeney for 1.4km

Elgin St. N - Park East to Purdy for 1.4km

Pulverising Only

Little Lake Road - Lake to Boundary Road for 3km

Crandall Road - Dunk to Lake for 1.2km

Ditch Rehabilitation

Gillespie Road - Penryn to North for 1km

Barnes Road - South of CN for 0.3km

Trenear Road- Little Lake to Trent Valley for 2km

Ontario Street - Hwy 2 heading south for 0.5km

Haynes Road - Cowie heading west for 2.1km

Townline Road - Hwy 2 to CN for 0.8km

Pinewood School Road - Parsons to Tobacco for 1.3km 

Durham St N - Purdy Road for 0.4km

Transportation Services and Support

Commuter Connect - Northumberland line no longer available

October 18, 2023 Media Release: “While there was certainly interest in the community, the pilot has shown there is not enough demand for an inter-municipal line within Northumberland, to sustain a transit service of this scale,” indicates Warden Martin. “As a result, service on the Northumberland Line will conclude as of November 30th. We know this news will be disappointing for many of our riders who have relied on this service to connect to other communities in Northumberland. Unfortunately, despite a comprehensive marketing awareness campaign, the significant resident interest did not translate into sufficient ridership.” visit for further information.


Community Care Northumberland

Community Care Northumberland offers door-to-door, rural-to-urban and specialized transportation services to residents in Northumberland. These programs help transport residents who are unable to drive themselves to medical appointments, grocery shopping, social outings and other activities . For more information about these programs, visit the Community Care Northumberland website. or Call 1-866-78-7778