Community  Emergency Management

Emergencies are defined as situations or impending situations caused by forces of nature, accident or an intentional act that constitutes a danger of major proportions to life and property. They affect public safety, meaning the health, welfare and property as well as the environmental and economic health of the Township of Cramahe.

In order to protect residents, businesses and visitors, the Township of Cramahe requires a coordinated emergency response by a number of agencies under the direction of the Municipal Control Group. These are distinct arrangements and procedures from the normal day-to-day operations carried out by emergency services.

The Township of Cramahe Emergency Management Committee developed an emergency management plan.  Every official, municipal department and agency must be prepared to carry out assigned responsibilities in an emergency. The emergency management plan has been prepared to provide key officials, agencies and departments of the Township of Cramahe important emergency response information related to:

  • Arrangements, services and equipment; and
  • Roles and reponsibilites during an emergency

In addition, it is important that residents, businesses and interested visitors be aware of its provisions. Copies of the Township of Cramahe's Emergency Management Plan may be viewed at the Fire Hall or viewed by following 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Guide. For more information, please contact the Township of Cramahe Fire Department.

 Fire Department

Tanker Accreditation

The Township of Cramahe received the Fire Underwriters Survey Rating for Superior Tanker Shuttle Service in 2017 for all rural areas within 8 km by road of our fire department headquarters at 232 Purdy Road, Colborne. The accreditation demonstrates our ability to fight fires in rural areas more quickly and effectively by providing a continuous flow of water to fire scenes far from municipal hydrants.

What is the Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Rating?

The Superior Tanker Shuttle Service test forms part of the Fire Underwriters Survey Rating for a municipality and provides hydrant protected insurance ratings for areas of the Township not equipped with hydrants. The basic requirements for accreditation are:

  • Within five minutes of the first pumper arriving at a fire scene, firefighters must be able to pump a minimum of 900 L/min (200 Gal/min) and,
  • Maintain that water flow uninterrupted for two hours.

The test must be within 8 km of the fire station and must be a least 5 km from the water source where the Tankers are reloaded.

What Does the Accreditation Mean to Rural Residents?

Many insurance companies recognize the Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Rating. Rural residences within 8 km of a fire station and rural businesses within 5 km of a fire station may receive a reduction in insurance premiums. Rural residents should contact their insurance agent and ask if they qualify for a rate reduction.

More importantly, the Superior Tanker Accreditation Shuttle means that the Township of Cramahe Fire Department has demonstrated ability to transport water to rural fire scenes to protect our citizens.

Rural residents within the boundary should contact their insurance agent and ask if they qualify for a rate reduction on the fire protection portion of their insurance. If a letter from the Fire Department is required, contact the Fire Department.

Cramahe Township Tanker Certificate

Smoke Alarms in the Community

 Police Services & Northumberland OPP Offices

Police Services

Policing services for the Township of Cramahe is provided by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)

For emergencies dial 9-1-1, for other police matters please call 1-888-310-1122 or report online at


Northumberland OPP Administration Offices


1165 Division Street,



95 Dundas Street,

613 475-1313


20 Industrial Drive

705 653-3300


 Northumberland Fire Services Review 2021