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The new program will feature the following.

• Automated call in system: Residents call a local number from any phone and an automated system indicates risk level status and allows them to register their intent to burn. Every call is logged in our system, even if there is ban or the resident does not register their burn. Residents are required to call in to hear the burn risk level prior to burning. • Risk Level Notification: Our system provides a means of informing resident...s of the current burn risk level and the proper guidelines for each level, as well as indicating when there is a complete ban. In the event of a total burn ban each resident will be notified by either text phone or email. • Burn Mapping: As a  fire department we will be able to see at-a-glance where permitted burns are taking place • Online Registration: Every step of the permit registration process, can be completed online - making it very practical for our residents. In the event a resident does not have means to access the online registration they are to call town hall and they will be able to register over the phone. Effective Friday September 27th 12:00pm residence may call the town hall to register

• Printable PDF Burn Permits: Every permit registered online generates a PDF that can be printed, complete with signatures, giving the resident a hard copy of their permit. Residents may show us a hard copy or an electronic copy of their permit upon arrival to a burn permit response.

Visit  to register today!! We go live October 1st 2018. Effective October 1st residents will be required to use the new program.